Defining long-term digital strategy and leading marketing initiatives for the Djarum LA Lights brand




LA Lights gave birth to several sub brands under its belt with one clear direction: Music. Managing multi brand's digital assets can really be a daunting task for any. Variety of social media accounts managed under each sub-brands, although it can be potential, but will also means lack of centralized control in terms of brand's voice. As one of the leading brand for tobacco, LA Lights must redefines its digital approach to make the brand closer to the music lovers. After we had audited the previous website, we think that it is time to overhaul the whole digital platforms, assets and its paradigm-shift approach over its consumer. 





We create an omni channel platform to cater all the sub-brand's needs and a means to expand its content category with related lifestyle influences. With the unified management, all platforms can be as versatile as they used to be seperated, but also with the robust management to voice the brand out. Some new features including LA Lights SSO memberships management, Robust CMS system and also unified tools to track social media postings and engagements. With the new platform, creating new campaigns is now measurable, flexible and can be enhanced through out every sub brand's fan base. The new LA would also enable partnerships with other media sites, radio stations and content creators through API.





When a brand invest so much in content engagements, we have to concentrate fully on distributions. With iterative learning we have set our eyes on mobile development. Launched almost parrareled with the websites, the mobile site has proven to be the go to places especially for lifestyle content such as hangout places, music events, local news and entertainment. All campaigns are also converted to be mobile friendly to entice mobile involvement.

Content Marketing

We create more than 10 articles/day for content & SEO

Online to Offline

A whole digital activation to support offline campaign

Robust & Versatile

Our mobile site is integrated with the all APIs and complex system


Social Media Results

Dedicated team were deployed to maintain the unified  LA Lights DNA across all social platforms. Concentrating in fans growth and engagements, we manage to produce some of the viral content and had earned compelling response and conversations. Our content team had worked around covering live events, exclusive concert contents and different social media excitement each month.


Online to Offline

We tap into the offline events to introduce our platform. We make point system as a gamification incentive to get people to hang out to many branded LA Lights cafe spread nationalwide. This initiatives evolved into many medium suck as event installations, kiosk and wifi ad systems. The whole ecosytem encourage users to spread our content to their peers and made them our primary brand influencers.